Barefoot Productions, Inc.

Barefoot Productions, Inc. is a developer of system tools and theming software. The current developer portfolio contains 18 programs. The most popular software is Font Viewer with 8 installations on Windows PC.

1101 W. Enclave Circle, Louisville, 80027, USA
General phone:
Don Metzler
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Best software by Barefoot Productions, Inc.

Font Viewer
Font manager and preview utility for Windows.
Very comprehensive power-management application.
IP Monitor
IP Monitor allows tracking of a dynamic IP address change on a Windows PC.

Popular programs by Barefoot Productions, Inc.

Peer-to-peer local network messaging and communications.
Twinkle Bulbs
Twinkle Bulbs allows users to decorate their desktop with beautiful light bulbs.
AutoShutdown Pro
AutoShutDown enables your computer to shutdown on its own without assistance.
Key Launcher
Allows you to start applications & more Globally. With built in Windows shortcuts.
Cookie Jar
A utility program to examine the contents of the cookie files on your computer.

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